About us

Created in 2008, Lean Enterprise Consulting, Inc., has become a global key player in Validation, Regulatory Support, Process Improvement, Engineering and Tech Education, through the delivery of high-quality services that help organizations meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, regulatory, environmental protection and social responsibility. As a trusted partner, Lean Enterprise Consulting, offers innovative solutions that go beyond simple compliance with regulations and standards, fostering an increased ability to reduce risk, improve performance and promote sustainable development.

Lean Enterprise Consulting, Inc. focuses on supporting Life Sciences and general industry by aiming its delivery of services to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, striving on each and every task to exceed customers expectations. Lean Enterprise Consulting, Inc. started in business to collaborate with its client-base into achieving greater productivity and experience significant cost reduction

However, as this company has interacted in partnership with its customers, its has gained important knowledge and acquired an enhanced perspective on how to help them increase their profits and become more competitive. That is has evolved into a fundamental Value-Added Promise, which translates into tangible benefits for the client. Lean Enterprise Consulting, Inc. interventions transform customers´ needs and opportunities into measurable results.

Our Aspiration

Accelerate a Sustainable and Inclusive Growth of our client and the global community.

Since the beginning, we’ve always been strong believers in the operational and financial growth potential of our clients. Today, we’re privileged to work with local and global organizations, public and private; that are on a new and accelerated growth journey, one that pursues sustainability, inclusion, and economic growth, all at the same time.

Serve as role model of Servant Leadership for our community.

Our comprehensive set of practices serve clients across most capabilities and industries. Our global servant-leader partners are responsible for delivering client impact, developing knowledge and capabilities, innovating, and developing people. They work closely with regional partners and many others to deliver positive, enduring change to our clients and stakeholders for the well-being of those being served.

Promote a higher Code of Professional Conduct

Bring our values to life for our colleagues and clients all over the world.

Advance Environmental Sustainability

Our strategy & actions helps us to minimize the impact our firm has on the environment.